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chapter 14

posted Fri, 29 Dec 2006 12:37:33 -0800

the death dealer
lovely creature of the night
jumping off buildings
in your tight leather
join me in my underworld tonight

spike woke in sunnydale
posted Thu, 28 Dec 2006 10:27:00 -0800

6:01 AM 12/15/2006
spike woke up in sunnydale this morning. he was surprised since it was sucked into the hellmouth years ago.

roseblood 99
posted Tue, 19 Dec 2006 17:36:11 -0800

i saw a rose so pretty
just growing in the ground
i picked it up to smell it
and then i threw it down
its thorn was red and bloody
my hand was bloody too
just because something is pretty
doesnt mean it wont hurt you

hello there
posted Fri, 29 Dec 2006 13:00:38 -0800

hello there my darling
its good to see you again
i knew i loved you before i met you
i want to be more than just a friend
i want to be with u forever
every morning, noon, and night
baby, will you be my girl
and make my day tonight

the girl next door
posted Fri, 29 Dec 2006 12:57:25 -0800

elisha cuthbert is
trhe girl next door
a hot n sexy neighbor
who will leave u wanting more
perfection incarnate
in his dreams she is the star
but his angelic new gf
is a former porno star

sue storm, invisible girl
posted Fri, 29 Dec 2006 12:54:42 -0800

sue storm
invisible girl
fantastic babe
in a fantasy world
fantastic lady
altered up in space
fantastic body
with a

posted Fri, 29 Dec 2006 12:49:51 -0800

the following is a compilation of art from the past 30+ years. the artist is a human being who lived a long time ago in a galaxy far away....

i saw a snowflake
posted Fri, 29 Dec 2006 12:41:54 -0800

i saw a snowflake
fall from the sky
i looked up and it
hit me in the eye
it was cold and soft
it felt like a tear
as it touched my face
and melted
and ran back to my ear
then it disappeared forever
never to be seen again
just a cold, wet memory
i felt against my skin

i am a poet
posted Tue, 02 Jan 2007 17:30:17 -0800

5:23 PM 10/29/2006
im a poet
if u dont know it
put a pen in my hand
and the rhymes start flowin
i got ideas in my mind
all the time
and they always growin
always flowin
never knowin
where they goin
if you catch my fever
jump in and join
jus go to linkin park
and start edgar alan poein

times change
posted Tue, 02 Jan 2007 17:26:05 -0800

5:27 PM 10/29/2006
times change
this is true
didnt take much time
to see a change in u
dated one girl
married another
mental case
psycho hag
bitch bitch bitch
nag nag nag
never shut up
never let up
drove me crazy
til we split up

late night
posted Tue, 02 Jan 2007 17:24:16 -0800

5:31 PM 10/29/2006
late night
cant sleep
wide awake
listen to the quiet
lone wolf
with broken heart
and broken wings
cant fly like an eagle
just want to die
cant feel anymore
why live?
cant be loved anymore
why cry?

be a leader
posted Tue, 02 Jan 2007 17:21:54 -0800

5:35 PM 10/29/2006
there are some who are
too tired and weak to fight fate
to forge a new pathway or
a new trail thru
life's wilderness
some who let others
lead them
control them
destroy them
these are the followers
they are always miserably unhappy
dont be a follower
be a leader

part of this world
posted Tue, 02 Jan 2007 17:18:42 -0800

5:39 PM 10/29/2006
part of this world
but from another
lost in space
looking for a way home
a ferry or portal
a starship maybe
anything that can get me to my objective
painful life
broken heart
give way to hope and contentment
peace and love

do broken hearts ever mend?
posted Tue, 02 Jan 2007 16:53:19 -0800

1:34 AM 11/9/2006
do broken hearts ever mend?
do lonely nights ever end?
does the sun ever rise when you dont have a friend?

did it hurt
posted Sat, 30 Dec 2006 13:32:22 -0800

7:05 AM 12/15/2006
did it hurt, my angel, when you fell from the sky?
do you know, my love, how you've captured my eye?
do you feel this burning desire too?
this aching longing need for you?
could you love me as much as i love you?
do you dream of me as i dream of you?
could your love ever be true?

my best friend
posted Sat, 30 Dec 2006 13:30:00 -0800

5:12 PM 11/21/2006

my best friend doesnt ever put me down
my best friend doesnt look at me and frown
my best friend doesnt criticize my shoes
or the music that i choose
my best friend doesnt boss me around
my best friend could blow away this town
my best friend doenst keep secrets from me
my best friend doesnt lie to me
my best friend is God
he comforts me wherever i may trod

what can i say?
posted Sat, 30 Dec 2006 13:25:02 -0800

6:05 PM 11/21/2006
what can i say?

what can i say
to turn your eyes my way?
what must i do
to get a smile from you?
you pass by me like i wasnt there
my heart is breaking but you dont care

you walk away and leave me alone
i try to hug you and i'm in a war zone.
i guess i'm old and out of shape
i'm in a prison and there's no escape

oughtta be illegal to look that good
posted Sat, 30 Dec 2006 13:23:03 -0800

6:39 PM 11/21/2006
i was hypnotized and even tho i didnt try
i couldnt leave your eyes
when you get close to me
i think things i should
it ought to be illegal to look that good

when you strut by in your cut-off jeans
cutest little philly i've ever seen
with your cow-girl boots and your stetson hat
it ought to be illegal to look like that

Buffy the Vampire
posted Sat, 30 Dec 2006 13:20:39 -0800

6:01 AM 12/15/2006

spike came to the door with a bottle of bourbon.
he took a big swig, and then he toasted Buffy. kick his ass. Buffy was enjoying tormenting the trio. they had put her through a lot of shit the past few weeks and now it was their turn. Tara bit Jonathan and drank some of his blood.

mmm. thats yummy mummy. she said playfully.

look at your daughter, feeding for the first time, Spikey. Buffy smiled at Spike.

Spike laughed at Buffy and Tara tormenting the trio. Dont play with your food, he told Tara jokingly.

Jonathan screamed for help. but he couldnt escape. Willow turned and walked outside. getting a little sick from all the bloodletting.

whats wrong will? cant stomach sweet revenge?
Spike asked.

no its cool. torture them all you want...

just dont turn them, luv. Spike told his new childe. they could give vamps a bad name...

Buffy walked up to Spike, she loved seeing him all playful like this. Buffy hugged spike and kissed him. did i ever tell you how sexy you are? she asked.

who? me? sexy?... nah... i'm just another vamp, luv. you are the sexy one. spike kissed her. then Buffy wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back. she smiled at spike. then she glanced at Tara, who was biting Andrew now.

oh God! oh God! Andrew cried. please dont kill me...

Dont kill them love, Spike told Tara. we cant torture them once theyre dead. Spike took another sip of his bourbon. then he called to warren. i told you payback was a bitch....

buffy smiled at spike lovingly. then she wrapped her arms around his neck. and looked into his eyes. spike rubbed his nose against hers, and kissed her on the cheek. love you, he whispered softly in her ear.

Tara was feeding on Warren now. and Willow was in the parking lot, puking.

now now, will. said spike. its not your blood.

i know, said willow. i know...

nothing like a spot of violence to make a bloke thirsty, said spike, taking another sip of his bourbon.

they had their fun. now its our turn. said Buffy... thoughtfully Buffy asked spike. turn me too?

what? asked spike. suddenly everyone wants to join the club. i should charge for my services, Spike chuckled and took another sip of his bourbon. o sweet nectar of the gods, he said.

speaking of necks, whispered Buffy. turn me darling, i want to be with you forever....

Forever? thats a long time, luv....

i know, said Buffy kissing him passionately. and theres no one i'd rather share eternity with than you....

thats so beautiful, said willow looking inside. she saw Tara consumed with bloodlust and saw the blood all over her face. she saw Tara lick the blood from Warren's neck. then she ran back to the parking lot to puke again.

you turned Tara. why not me? Buffy asked him.

have you thought about what you're asking?
asked Spike.

thought about it for over a week. she said frowning. how long did Tara think about it?

two weeks, said spike.

then youll turn me next week? Buffy asked.

that what you want? asked Spike.

yes. it is. Buffy kissed Spike again, and again. slowly and tenderly, moving closer to him. and closer. then she kissed him on the neck, and whispered Bite me lover...

Spike was a little woozy by all the bourbon and a lot turned on by the gorgeous slayer in his arms. he kissed her neck gently and felt her hands running over his back and chest. he felt her lips caress his neck lovingly. O spike, she whispered. i love you so. promise me forever? she asked.

Spike kissed her neck again. he could smell the sweet blood of her jugular. he could feel the touch of her fingertips. he could hear her begging him for immortality. he remembered what a horrid existence it was for him to be human. he remembered how emancipating it was to become an immortal. he thought of spending eternity with his one true love. o Spike, she moaned. turn me, then we can be together forever. he kissed her neck and smelled the aroma of her perfume. he kissed her again. he felt her sucking on his neck. it was an arousing sensation to say the least. he kissed her on the neck and sucked on the tasty flesh.

Buffy moaned again. o spike. give me forever. she cried out. he didnt really notice as the fangs pierced her flesh, he was caught up in the passion of the moment. he sucked her neck to turn her on. O Spike, she moaned.

Spike tasted the sweet taste of blood in his throat and for a moment he thought he was dreaming. then he heard Buffy moan and he felt her buckle at the knees. she was passing out. Spike pulled away from her, realizing that he had been feeding on her. he checked her vitals and knew that he had gone too far. Buffy was dying.

O my god, shouted willow. Get off her you monster. Willow cast a spell and threw Spike across the room. tossing him into a mirror. the mirror cut his arm. Spike jumped up and ran back to Buffy. he knew he only had seconds to save her now. he put his arm to her lips and let some blood spill down her throat. She began to drink.

what are you doing? Willow was getting angry. her eyes turned dark and she began to chant.

no will, i have to turn her or she will die. Spike backed away as willow threw fireballs at him.

he backed into the next room. will its for her own good.

Willow came to the doorway. the wind outside had picked up and the windows in the room burst in. the wind knocked spike down and slammed the door to the room shut. willow came through the door in a ghostly form still chanting. she threw fireballs and lightning at spike, burning him badly. the wind picked up and tore his skin. lightning flashed in the sky outside and a small tornado formed outside the room. the tornado was getting bigger when Buffy came into the room. Blood still on her chin.

its ok will. i'm ok now. see. the winds ceased and the tornado vanished.

o god, Buffy. youre alive! Willow grabbed Buffy and hugged her. thank god, she whispered. then she turned angrily to spike. and you, she said. the wind picked up again.

its ok, will. i asked him to bite me ok. he did nothing wrong, sweetie.

you asked him to...

yes, i want to be a vampyre so we can be together forever. now i'm immortal see...

o... ok... if thats what you want.... my bad...

willow looked confused and upset and felt a little betrayed. she was surrounded by vampires. and two of them were her friends.

uh, sorry spike, i guess....

spike got up and stormed out of the room, he went outside to his bike. his bourbon had been spilled and he was very thirsty now...

see you later, Buffy.

Spike left on the bike. Buffy turned to willow. sorry, said willow meekly...

i wishi could write...
posted Sat, 30 Dec 2006 13:17:17 -0800

6:00 AM 12/15/2006
i wish i could really write. i wish i could write like the masters. like poe or king or serling or twain. i wish i could reach into your heart and steal away your soul forever and leave you a mindless zombie drooling a little as you worship my name. but alas, i am not a master and i will never steal your soul or reach into your heart. i will grow old and die and be forever forgotten. but in the meantime i will write the things that appear in my mind. like it or not. here you will find it. it may be spat upon or laughed at. it may be criticised and ridiculed. it may be banned and deleted. but for one brief shining moment, it was the camelot in my dreams. and although it will never see your bookshelf or be quoted by college professors. although it will never make your top 8 or your favorites list. although i will never get an email from you encouraging me to keep writing and keep putting my heart out on my sleeve. although i will never be the poet laureate or get a nobel prize or a supermodel girlfriend, it was there at the time. the time was right for some instance, for some greater purpose perhaps. and it served its purpose well. and someone may have actually smiled at some point and said that's right. or maybe i'm just a dorky loser with a delusion of adequacy.

posted Sat, 30 Dec 2006 13:13:22 -0800

6:00 AM 12/15/2006
writing. putting ink on paper and displaying thoughts for the world to see. capturing a snapshot of a moment
in time or a thought or fantasy. in the only way the writer can display them. you see, thoughts and dreams cant be photographed all the time. there are those ocassions when they must be captured in the camera of the mind and brought to the surface with a pen or keyboard. these are true artworks. for if they are not captured and displayed then they may never be seen at all. these are rare collector's items. treasures for the ages. these are the written words. words that quite possibly may only be written by one person and only that one. the legacy of mankind. the proof of our ascension from wherever it is that we have arisen from. like calligraphy or bonsai trees, words have to be shaped and trimmed to the perfect form. the way that they were meant to be. whether the author is writing fiction or poetry or software. the words are the molecules of the piece. the letters the atoms. and the pen the finger on the wall. like an artist capturing the shadows of an image, the writer captures the image of the ocassion.

writing is an art
posted Sat, 30 Dec 2006 13:11:37 -0800

6:00 AM 12/15/2006
writing is an art. whether you are rhyming words or just telling a story. putting pen to paper is the way to get it done. the means to the end. the tool for the job. the pen is the writer's brush, and the paper the writer's canvas. sharing his art with you is his goal and the finished piece is his masterpiece. writing is like painting a mona lisa. each time you sit down and begin, you end up with another masterpiece. even if it is only a masterpiece to you. its worth the work.

when jake met godzilla
posted Sat, 30 Dec 2006 13:07:04 -0800

jake met godzilla on that fateful day in may.
he was a bit upset you see
he was tracking big foot at the time.
when he found godzilla
he gave up the search and went home
godzilla wanted him to stay
but he wouldnt do it.
so godzilla waved goodbye and went to meet big foot for dinner

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