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chapter 10

what is it?
posted Mon, 03 Apr 2006 01:20:59 -0700

it has 55 facets.all but 1 has a flat, smooth square side which is farthest from the core, which has springs, 6 of them, which connect and hold it together.

each side has a colored sticker on it. the sticker is square and is one of 6 colors. there are nine of each color.there are 54 stickers in all.

the object can be turned and arranged a number of ways. it is used as a game and can also drive one crazy. the object is a cube-shaped figure which must be arranged with the stickers that are the same color.

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calling out to me in the dark


cast on me by my victims

pain and torment

clawing at my soul


of the things i done

forever tormenting me

forever in remorse


i have many



can i make amends for my actions of the past?

ill be a good boy God

ill be a good boy

just forgive me

XMEN 11: Enter Havok...
posted Tue, 11 Apr 2006 00:34:36 -0700

On the streets of Genosha, Havok and Polaris lead a small group of children into an ally to try and escape the Sentinel agents and Search and Destroy Robots after them. they duck into a building and close the door behind them. As they back into the darkness, they hear a robot calling for backup outside. seconds pass. then 3 sentry class robots, kick in the door and enter with weapons drawn.

"you are under arrest," says the first bot.

Havok and Polaris look at each other. then they raise their arms. the 3 bots are blasted thru the wall and thru the wall of the next building as well. 7 more bots step up to the holes in the wall.

"You are under arrest," says one of the bots. then it is blasted by Cyclops. another bot is tackled and smashed by Rogue. the 3rd is destroyed by Wolverine. a 4th bot by the Beast, and the 5th bot is phased into the ground and shorted out by Shadowcat. The 6th bot is destroyed by Wolverine, and The 7th bot is now inside the room and about to fire at Polaris. before she can react, Havok melts the creature into a liquid metal puddle.

"Good to see you guys," says Alex.

"You too," says Scott.

XMEN 10: Mojo Dome
posted Tue, 11 Apr 2006 00:19:51 -0700

As the orcs attack with swords and shields, Colossus morphs into metal form. He grabs the closest orcs and slings them into the next 2. one falls on a spear and dies. Piotr grabs the next one and shoves him into the orc behind him, then he shoves both into the ones behind them knocking them all down.

Simon steps to Piotr's side and tells 2 of the orcs to kill the others. they instantly obey his commands. Colossus watches the show in amazement. "Well i guess you don't need my help," he tells Simon.

"Well, i can't control those skeletons," says Simon, motioning to the field.

Piotr looks at the walking skeletons approaching with armor on and laughs. "I've got this one," he chuckles. Petey walks to the skeletons, fists raised.

posted Mon, 10 Apr 2006 23:08:27 -0700

Hello class, and welcome to Writing 101. Today's assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to write a story using the summary provided. You should share your work with the rest of the class by tapping the reply button below. you will not receive a grade but may get some compliments from the readers. shall we begin?

today's assignment is called Doomsday.

a long time ago, on the planet Krypton, far, far away, the God of Evil, Ahriman, has gone on a rampage, destroying everything in his path. although the gods are sworn not to interfere, they cannot allow the helpless Kryptonians to be mercilessly slaughtered by a god, so they create a champion to defeat him. they change a simple Kryptonian named San-el into a champion for Krypton. The super-powered Seus, fights Ahriman with a large red S on his chest, and the fate of a world in his hands. Can this champion of justice, drive away the god of evil in a battle royale, with the help of his psychic sister, Kira-el?

Good luck on your mission, and thank you for your time. This page will self-destruct in 5 seconds...

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