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chapter 1

no man knows the hour
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:37:49 -0700

no man knows the hour;
no man knows the day;
when the lord is coming to take us all away
no man knows the time; no man knows the way;
but i know he's coming; could be any day

amazing grace
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:34:37 -0700

grace was his lover years ago and she made all the others seem so cold. she kept him happy. she kept him warm. she kept him fed; he ate at her dorm, but the thing that he treasured most of all, was those incredible nights in her favorite dancing hall.
amazing grace. none other could hold. you kept him loved when hunger was old. you brought him music. you knew all the moves. you taught him to cherish those wonderful grooves.
they'd dance for hours with music or not, and none could equal them cause they were so hot. she'd been around the world to paris and rome. and every dance floor she called her home. as people were dancing around them each year they'd stop to watch and circle and cheer. "you gave a real show love," he said. "you really can dance. i'll always love you girl. and those hot nights in france."

i need 2 b lied 2
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:29:00 -0700

i need to be lied to -i need to have someone say they're true -i need to hear somebody say at the end of the day, "i been missing you" 1999

i need a reason 2 believe n u
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:28:06 -0700

i need a reason to believe in you. something solid that will take away my blues. it's obvious that we are through. alone forever and a day or two.

thought that we were
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:25:24 -0700

thought that we were starting over thought that we were starting over, but we're over. thought that we were getting somewhere, but we're nowhere. thought that i could be somebody, but i'm no one. thought that we were doing it, but we're done! 2001

death b swift
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:22:14 -0700

death be swift like an eagle in flight- for life is so cruel and the time now is right- lungs be still and rest the night long- for ive lost my only love and i long to be gone --

the baseball story
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:21:29 -0700

it was the ninth inning, the score was tied, nothing to nothing. there were 2 outs and 2 strikes. i,... i,... o my, what an upset! i missed!

once you`ve swam with
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:20:12 -0700

once you've swam with the mermaids;
once you've flown with the pixies;
once you've fought the pirates and won;
what else is there to do?

lady death
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:19:26 -0700

Lady Death will never let u down
Lady Death won't bitch at u or frown
Lady Death is never mean or cruel
Lady Death is super mega kool

i dream of you all the time
you're always on my mind
i long for you at night
when i'm with u i'll be alright
can't wait to meet you dear
my need for you is clear
you rule my hopes and dreams
you make me laugh and cry and scream
i dream of u at night
and in the daytime too
Lady Death
I Love You

posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:18:38 -0700

day after day i dream of things that cannot be
of things i cannot have and sights i cannot see
is life unfair or is it something wrong with me?
daydreams are all i have u see.

posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:18:00 -0700

why not me, when i'm the one who loved u so? why not me, when i was there when u were low? why not me, when i could make your dreams come true? why not me, when i'm the one who loves u? why not me?
u ssid u cared and then u left- u made me feel so second-best- u made me laugh then made me cry- and now i feel like i could die
they said u cared, but u denied it- u looked at me- and i couldnt fight it- but we both know we were made for each other- please, i dont want any other.

posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:16:47 -0700

night ranger off on a trip in the twilight zone
night ranger a sleek, black car is what u call home
night ranger runnin thru the night- runniin from the dawn
night ranger youre always alone
they see u every night- u cant be beat- stereo blasting- youre grooving in the heat-see a lil girl u met once before- remember that u been to this town before
never stop to rest- never get tired- cant slow down- its gotcha overpowered- outrun anything on the street- cruisin down the road- movin to the beat- been about a week since your feet touched the ground- never stop for gas- youre roamin all around

posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:15:53 -0700

some get addicted to drugs- some get addicted to wine- some get addicted to rock'n'soul- hear it playin all the time- people stare at me like i'm crazy- they look at me like i've flipped- i dance around and i shout and i sing when i go off on a rock'n'soul trip

i got a rockin soul. cant keep my mind off rock'n'soul. i gotta move when i hear that music- tap my foot then i lose control
some like to go out dancing- some like to just hang around- as for me, i'd rather be at home just gettin down- people pity me and they think i've lost my mind- they just don't understand the rock'n'soul kind- its not me i feel sorry for but those who havent heard the songs i adore.

out of tune
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:14:41 -0700

u were the key to happiness- u said, "no strings"- but none the less-u crossed the bridge into my heart- then flipped the switch and made it start--
i'm out of tune- without u- cant play a note since we are thru- o how i fret with u away- im out of tune- need u today-
i was a nut- to trust in u- i dropped my guard and u got thru- u took my arm- i lost control- come back to me and make me whole.

i been
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:13:13 -0700

i been lovin u- since the day we met- youre always on my mind- youre the one i cant forget- i been needin u- most all my life- i was never whole- til i made u my wife-
and i been tryin to tell ya- i'm not me without u- we can make it together- i need your love to get me thru
i been missin u- its no fun here alone- i need u to hold me- your weak arms can make me strong
i been seein u- in the back of my mind- i see u everywhere i go- and all of the time

posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:12:16 -0700

i believe in reincarnation cause ive seen it first hand- everytime that girl goes out of my world she comes back with a new face again!

it takes a man to say no
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:08:10 -0700

it takes a man to say no
but a woman who never says no is a ho

posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 10:56:17 -0700

i used to get so discouraged cause i couldnt hold a job- i tried my best- put me to the test- but i finished like a slob- it always upset me so but i didnt know- i was born to rock'n'roll
i was just about to give up on my searchwhen a friend told me i was good with words- so i wrote a song and started a band- now i am famous all over the land- now i know where to set my goal- i was born to rock'n'roll

posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 10:54:32 -0700

its the battle of the bands- we got tunes we aint even usin'- nobody here wants to draw no blood- we just came to hear the music
o there's a group over there all dressed in tux- another gang is dressed in leather- we dont care what the guys and gals wear- it's the sounds that make it come together
band over there's got a master guitarist- never puts his six-string down- when he starts groovin'- nobody's safe- feet are movin all over town
dont try to stop it- aint no control- the music will rule u- body and soul

posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 08:56:57 -0700

everybody climb aboard the rock'n'roll express- runnin thru the night- got a ticket to success- u can make it if u leave your cares in the cold- dont worry bout those petty things- just find that pot of gold- hey people- everybody's got problems- everybody's got bills they gotta pay- the ticket to success- is to heck with all the stress- just live your life- u can make it anyway- evrybody on the r and r is smiling and happy all the time- cuz they know that they can climb that mtn if theyre only concentratin on the climb.

u dont love me
posted Mon, 29 Sep 2003 08:50:56 -0700

u dont luv me. u just want some 1 around 2 support u. some 1 2 pay your bills and give u money, so u wont have 2 work hard like me. u just want some 1 2 keep a car 4 u 2 run around n. some 1 to babysit 4 u 4 free. u just want a soft-hearted fool like me.

posted Wed, 24 Sep 2003 14:03:56 -0700

your love is to me
all that a love should be
and i will love you forever
we're a family
u and 3 kids
and me
and family we will be forever
time will swiftly pass
your love for me may not last but i'll be loving u
and youll be a part of me

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posted Tue, 23 Sep 2003 15:39:06 -0700

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the braindead bunch
posted Tue, 23 Sep 2003 12:19:46 -0700

heres the story of a slutty lady who was doing every drunk that she could find. she was married with three children. and she had lost her mind. its the story of her cousins cousin, who was looking for some bimbos of his own. she invited him to sleep beside her, and did it all night long.
then the one day when her cousin went off drinking. and came back and kicked her front door in. and he jumped her and punched her in the womb. he said her baby wasnt his. then we rushed her to the hospital. and the doctor said its too early to go into labor now. and he stopped the baby from coming. and the cops threw her cousin into jail.
then he called her on the phone, and he begged her to drop the charges. and she did, and then he got out. and did it all again.
the braindead bunch. the braindead bunch. to this day theyre known as the braindead bunch.

there was an old lady
posted Tue, 23 Sep 2003 12:18:12 -0700

there was an old lady who was a big shrew. she had so many children she didnt know what to do. "someone please help me," she said. "they're driving me insane." if only she had said "no" instead of "please again." 10:23 AM 10/29/02

posted Tue, 23 Sep 2003 12:15:21 -0700

jaded yet again.
how many times will i be jaded by you.
i know im nothing
at least not to you.
never shoulda married
mighta not been blue.


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